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Reasonable care may not prevent all injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Premises Liability

Business owners are sometimes worried about liability if someone gets hurt on their property. This will typically be a premises liability case where the patron will sue the business owner, saying that they were negligent and are responsible for the medical bills and other damages stemming from the injury.

To avoid this, store owners are expected to exercise reasonable care to make the property safe. What are some ways to do this?

Warning signs

First of all, if there’s a known hazard, it can be helpful simply to put up warning signs. This is why many stores will use wet floor signs if there is a leak, a spill or something of this nature. If customers are informed of the danger and choose to expose themselves to it anyway, the business owner has done all they can.

Safety systems

Another example is when it comes to a fire on the property. Business owners generally need to have emergency exits that are well-marked, along with posted escape routes so people know where to go. They should also have sprinkler systems and modern safety equipment.

This may not prevent all injuries

Taking these steps is certainly beneficial, but someone could still be hurt. Even in a building with a sprinkler system that turns on right away during a fire, for example, someone could be injured due to smoke inhalation.

In other words, a customer could get injured and sue the business, even if the business owner took reasonable care to keep everyone safe. This is when the subsequent court cases can get very complex, and business owners need to know about all of their defense options. Having experienced legal guidance can help.