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Nationally Recognized Appellate Counsel

At Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience successfully arguing in appellate courts on behalf of our clients. With offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, New York and New Jersey, we represent clients at every level of the state and federal judicial system. Our work covers a broad spectrum of appellate matters, including evidentiary issues and interpretation of case law.

We utilize the collective knowledge and experiences of our team to offer unique and comprehensive analysis. This approach better ensures our clients receive a fresh perspective tailored to protect their financial and legal interests by preparing appellate briefs that focus on the critical issues of the dispute.

Our trial attorneys recognize the strengths and weaknesses that a lower court’s case decision possesses. We understand what issues on appeal will resonate with state and federal appellate courts. Our team of strong, seasoned trial lawyers are well-versed in arguing appeals.

Our firm is known to be one of the leading litigation defense practices in the region. We employ an accomplished team of trial and appellate lawyers who work diligently on behalf of our clients. Our appellate and litigation attorneys work collaboratively, thereby better ensuring every case receives a high level of attention and analysis that accomplishes our clients’ goals.