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Premier Legal Protection For State And Local Government Agencies

State and local departments, authorities and districts are subject to a broad range of liabilities. These are often beyond the protection of sovereign immunity and leave public agencies vulnerable to onerous litigation. These claims can generate significant financial, reputational and emotional costs for the specific governmental entity and the community at large.

The attorneys at Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, P.C. have successfully defended the interests of school districts, housing authorities and police departments. Whether it is a personal injury, wrongful death or civil rights violation claim, we take a thoughtful approach to understand our clients’ liability and mitigate the potential consequences from pending litigation.

These matters often involve a broad range of disciplines, including automobile, premises liability, in loco parentis and civil rights issues. We leverage the collective knowledge at our firm to handle these cases with a solutions-oriented focus. We conduct a thorough investigation and analysis of the facts to seek optimal results in the most cost-effective manner possible.