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Understanding how construction defects can lead to legal stress

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Construction Defense

A construction defect is an issue in a building, bridge, road or any form of construction that can lead to below-standard levels of safety and quality. For example, the cables on a bridge may snap, a roof may crumble under the weight of snow or the structure of a building may fail. 

As a result, construction companies and independent contractors may be liable for damages and injuries. Construction defect allegations and disputes can cause business owners to spend many hours in court defending against repercussions.

Understanding why a construction defect allegation is made can help business owners protect themselves from severe penalties. Here are a few common construction defects:

4 types of construction defects

A strong legal defense is often made by understanding everything that might have led to a construction defect allegation. By learning about common construction defects, a business owner may be able to avoid severe legal penalties. Here are four kinds of construction defects to become familiarized with:

  • Material defect: The materials used could have been cheap or faulty, causing significant issues in a construction project. Even if the product was properly used, the material could have warped, broken, eroded or deteriorated. 
  • Design defect: A construction defect could have started as early as the design of a project. A small mistake during the design, such as the mismeasurement of a wall can affect an entire project.
  • Construction defect: A construction project can take time and work, but what any project needs the most is strong workmanship. A construction may be defective because of poor workmanship. 
  • Subsurface defect: The grounds on which a construction project is made may not be usable. Insubstantial research into the foundation of a project could lead to severe problems. 

Learning about your defense options for a construction defect allegation could protect your business from facing severe repercussions.