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Why many car-truck crashes are the fault of the car’s driver

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Trucking Defense

Many people just assume that because trucks are bigger and more unwieldy than cars, any collision between the two must be the fault of the truck driver rather than the car driver. They often try to hold the trucking company liable.

Yet it does not take long sitting in a truck cab to realize how dangerous some car drivers can be around trucks. Many car-truck collisions are caused by the negligence of the car driver. The problem is that you may need to convince a jury of people who have never sat in a truck cab in their life. So how can you do that? Here are some things to point out.

Your drivers are held to higher standards

It is much harder to get a license to drive a truck than it is to get one to drive a car. Once someone holds a car license, they can pretty much drive any type of car they want, including cars and other vehicles that are far too large and powerful for them.

You likely run detailed checks on the drivers you hire, only allowing them to drive vehicles or routes they can handle given their experience. You might also use technology to monitor them while on the road and log their driving hours and rest breaks. By contrast, a car driver does not general have anyone monitoring them.

Your drivers are adept at sharing the road, while many car drivers are not

Truck drivers know how extensive their vehicle’s blind spots are. They understand that their vehicles can take a long time to slow down or need a wider space to turn. They keep these things in mind when driving. Car drivers are usually not so aware of these things. Thus, they may maneuver around a truck as if it were just another car, jeopardizing everyone’s safety.

If your company is facing a claim after a collision involving one of your trucks, having experienced legal guidance can help protect your bottom line and your reputation.