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Protecting your business against pollution liability claims

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Environmental Defense

When running a business, pollution liability claims can become risks that affect your operations. These claims arise when a company’s activities cause environmental harm and lead to legal consequences.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 23% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the industrial sector. This highlights how essential it is to lower the chances of encountering pollution liability claims. You can then prepare yourself to defend against such claims if they do come up.

Environmental impact assessment

Conduct a thorough environmental impact assessment before starting any new project or operation. Identify potential sources of pollution and make informed decisions to minimize environmental risks.

Strict waste management

To make sure you dispose of waste materials correctly, stick to specific waste management rules. This includes hazardous substances, chemicals and waste byproducts. Follow industry standards for waste disposal and make sure that employees know how to handle waste materials safely.

Regular equipment maintenance

Regularly maintain machinery, vehicles and storage tanks that could lead to pollution. A well-maintained operation is less likely to harm the environment due to equipment malfunctions.

Compliance with regulations

You should stay constantly up-to-date with environmental regulations for your industry. Follow a schedule of regularly reviewing your practices for compliance. Non-compliance can lead to significant fines and legal actions.

Taking steps to lessen your environmental impact not only leads to a cleaner business but also to a healthier environment. Doing your part to stay green may also improve your business by attracting a like-minded clientele to your front door.