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What are challenges faced by current construction leaders?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Construction Defense

Construction leaders need to keep a pulse on the industry at all times. As with any other industry, construction is constantly changing, evolving and facing challenges.

But what are the biggest potential challenges that construction leaders may be facing in the coming years?

Worker shortages

Forbes discusses the challenges faced by current construction leaders, breaking the threats down into four categories. This includes a shortage of workers, the costs of materials and supplies, keeping up with technological advancements, and weather.

Regarding worker shortages, there is not always a lot of incentive to join and stay in the construction industry. This leads to burnout in the workers that stick around because they have to take on even more jobs. A good way to circumvent this is through the offering of competitive salaries, good benefits, and environments that treat the workers well. It also includes providing ample opportunity for career advancement and learning new skills.

Inflation costs

Inflation and supply chain issues have made material and supply costs raise for years on end. The best way to tackle this is by creating a budget with realistic expectations and accurate information and keeping connected with suppliers who have a pulse on the situation.

Keeping up with technology

Regarding technological advancements, it is simply important to embrace changes where possible and integrate new, helpful technology and techniques into a company quickly. This helps keep a competitive edge.


As for weather, take into account the conditions for each season and the area of construction. Keep in mind that as global climate change continues to occur, more severe weather changes are likely, and plan accordingly.