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Asbestos in your leased building: Protecting your business

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2024 | Asbestos & Mesothelioma Defense

If you’re a business owner, you strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for your employees. However, no matter how hard you try, some hazards can escape your vigilance. Unfortunately, it can take one mishap to tarnish your hard-earned reputation. 

Furthermore, lawsuits may trickle your way if the hazard in question compromises your workers’ health without your knowledge. One such hazard that can get your business in trouble is the discovery of asbestos in the building you lease as your operation’s headquarters. 

How bad is asbestos?

Most naturally occurring mineral fibers tend to be safe, but asbestos isn’t one of them. However, various industries only realized the dangers of this mineral after it had been used in construction and many other sectors. 

Suppose asbestos was discovered in your leased commercial building; it must be because asbestos was used in its construction many years back. Unfortunately, even exposure to asbestos from decades ago can result in various serious lung cancers. This is probably why you’re facing lawsuits from past and current employees due to health concerns.

How should you respond to the asbestos discovery?

Upon receiving the news of asbestos in your leased commercial building, a prudent response is to employ the services of a qualified inspector. This way, you can discover the extent of asbestos presence in the building. Is it in one section alone or littered throughout the building? This way, you can determine if the asbestos-containing materials can be removed

Once you’ve taken the necessary measures to mitigate the risk of asbestos exposure, you should embark on protecting your business against the lawsuits that are creeping up. By working with a reliable legal team, you can help ensure that a mishap that wasn’t your fault doesn’t lead to the downfall of your enterprise.