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What to look for in an environmental defense attorney

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Environmental Defense

From toxic torts to industrial accidents and everywhere in between, business owners face environmental litigation from the moment they open their doors.

When this happens, hiring a qualified attorney is imperative to mount a strong defense. Here are a few things to look for in an environmental defense attorney.

1. Experience and attention to detail

Like a good cast iron skillet, attorneys become more seasoned with each case they manage. A lawyer with significant experience will pick up on more minute details of a case to strengthen their client’s defense. Quality lawyers usually have a track record of success that sets them apart from their peers.

2. Dedication

Instead of pushing through a case and moving on, a dedicated attorney remains committed to coming alongside individuals and organizations in the long term to ensure continued compliance with environmental laws. Having experienced legal counsel available can deter future entanglements regarding environmental regulations.

3. Solution-minded

Environmental cases can have extensive financial costs, and they threaten public reputation. A solution-minded lawyer will work proactively to mitigate these factors, providing a cost-effective plan and managing public opinion.

4. Transparent

Transparency is a valuable characteristic to look for in an attorney. Legal counsel should provide upfront information, such as pertinent fees and what clients can expect from their services and the litigation process. Vague answers and lack of transparency may be red flags.

Choosing a lawyer with these characteristics is crucial to bolstering a defense against environmental accusations and safeguarding an individual or company’s future.