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Protecting your construction business against a defect claim

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Construction Defense

A construction business lives or dies on its reputation for performing quality work in an efficient manner. If a client, resident or tenant files a defect claim against your company, it can have major financial effects on the business unless you successfully defend yourself against the claim.

Protecting your construction business against a defect claim requires taking strong preventative action ahead of time. By knowing what you can do and what resources are available, you can maintain a positive reputation as a reliable construction contractor.

Carefully document the construction process

Thorough and accurate documentation can be powerful evidence to support your case if a client raises a defect claim against you. Building plans, work schedules and work order documents are valuable resources to have on hand, so it is important to enforce a policy of maintaining and storing these types of documentation. Receiving a final inspection report before your company leaves the site is especially crucial, as this can illustrate that the building is free of defects as of your last involvement.

Reduce risk through insurance

Comprehensive financial protection of your business in the face of a defect claim also requires planning for the possibility that a court will rule against your business. Construction liability insurance can keep your finances intact even in a worst-case scenario. You can reduce your risk further by carefully choosing only to work with other contractors and subcontractors with similarly comprehensive insurance.

Construction projects can be complex and often involve many workers and moving parts. It is difficult to monitor every aspect of a construction site in an effort to prevent defects, but you can take steps to protect your business through documentation and proper insurance.