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Federal government takes action on plan to eliminate lead

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Toxic Tort Defense

Safety issues with community drinking water are often in the headlines. The federal government announced the Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan in December 2021 to address concerns about lead in paint and water pipes.

Now, the government is taking steps to put that plan into action.

New partnerships

The federal government is partnering with local and state officials, labor unions, water utilities and other nongovernmental organizations to accelerate lead pipe replacement. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are among the states partnering with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Labor to create lead service line replacement accelerators to speed up the process of removing lead service lines.

Impact on business owners

Rising public concerns about lead exposure from paint and pipes are leading to legislative changes across the country. It is imperative for business owners to understand any lead risks that exist in their properties and to stay up to date on local and federal regulations, as well as efforts to replace lead pipes and protect communities from lead exposure.

If you are unsure whether your property has lead paint or pipes, you should take steps to reduce your risk:

  • Schedule a professional inspection
  • Get your property tested for lead
  • Conduct a risk assessment

If you discover lead risks on your property, you may want to investigate any potential funding opportunities to help you mitigate this risk. In particular, there are government programs to address lead risks in low-income and public housing facilities. However, do-it-yourself solutions can backfire, so you may want to consult a professional.