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Tips to prevent claims of inadequate security

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Premises Liability

Every business owner has an obligation to protect their customers and staff with adequate security. Adequate security measures vary by property depending on the specific risk factors of that location. There are a few key elements that every business owner should consider.

Reduce your risk of inadequate security claims with proactive security measures.

Sufficient interior and exterior lighting

Many business owners overlook lighting as an important security measure. The brighter and more thoroughly lit your hallways and exterior perimeter are, the less concealment is available for safety hazards, including intruders.

Adequate locking mechanisms

Installing an access control system on all of your doors except the main entry helps you regulate access to the building. Anyone without authorization and an access card must enter through the front doors. Add strong, secure locks to the front doors and replace the glass panels of the door with impact-resistant glass for added security benefits.

Comprehensive alarm systems

Alarm systems for smoke, fire and burglary are a good start. You should also install carbon monoxide detectors and hazardous chemical sensors to improve overall security throughout your property. Investing in these sensor systems and alarms ensures early notification for your employees and customers to vacate the premises safely. Not only that, but you can improve security by having those alarms monitored in real-time for emergency services dispatch.

Inadequate security is a leading premises liability claim for commercial property owners. Avoid complacency and oversight by prioritizing these security measures. Evaluate your property for any other security vulnerabilities to improve safety as well.