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What are the main types of construction defects?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Construction Defense

Construction defects range from simple to complex.

Construction companies face claims for damage due to several different types of construction defects that can occur throughout the building process.

Construction or workmanship defects

When builders and workman do not perform their work proficiently, they can cause many issues. For example, poor plumbing installation can cause leaky pipes of faucets that lead to water damage and mold growth.

Design defects

Design defects arise when architects and engineers fail to build within code regulations and that failure leads to damage. For example, a roof that was not designed correctly may lead to several different types of damage like water damage, poor drainage or structural integrity issues.

Material defects

When builders use inferior materials in construction projects, material defects occur. Even properly installed products can fail with a material defect. For example, if a builder does not consider the effects of humidity on drywall, they may use inferior drywall in rooms such as a bathroom or laundry room that is not approved for use in humid conditions. This can lead to moisture and mold damage if the product fails.

Subsurface defects

Damage that relates to the foundation of a structure is often the result of a subsurface defect. When environmental factors and soil density are not considered before a build and the ground and subsurface areas are not properly prepared, this can lead to flooding, shifting, sinking, cracks and numerous other issues.

When damage occurs, often multiple types of defects get the blame for the damage. If a builder did not perform their job properly while using inadequate materials, the buyer may have a claim for both a construction defect and a material defect.