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Going over examples of construction defects

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Construction Defense

Whether you run a sizable construction company or you operate as an independent contractor, you could find yourself involved in a dispute for various reasons. These disputes can result in serious repercussions, not only in terms of court-imposed financial penalties and legal stress, but also with respect to other projects and your reputation.

Sometimes, contractors and construction company owners end up in court over allegations of construction defects. It is essential to understand the various reasons why disagreements involving construction defects can arise, and make sure you handle a dispute in the correct manner.

Different types of construction defects

On their site, the West Virginia Division of Labor states that construction defects can involve deficiencies with respect to the design, specification, planning, construction or supervision of a project. For example, these disputes can arise due to allegations involving the use of defective materials or components during construction, or violating codes during a residential improvement project.

Some construction defects disputes involve claims that a contractor or construction company did not oversee or inspect goods or services provided by a subcontractor, employee or another party appropriately.

Addressing a construction defect dispute

If you currently find yourself in the middle of a construction defect dispute, it is pivotal to go over all options in front of you and figure out the best course of action. For example, you should carefully analyze the unique aspects of the case and gather evidence. You should look into the possibility of avoiding court altogether by discussing the construction defect(s) amicably, but prepare for court and protect your business if necessary.