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Defending The Rights Of Companies Since Our Inception

At Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, P.C., our lawyers have dedicated themselves to becoming one of the leading asbestos defense teams in the country. Providing a strong defense during complex and sophisticated asbestos lawsuits has been the foundation of our firm since our founding in 1989. Our clients include manufacturers, suppliers, employers, premises owners and retailers. With offices in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia, we have the resources to effectively represent clients at a state, regional and national level.

We have successfully resolved a broad range of asbestos cases, having obtained voluntary dismissals, summary judgements and favorable settlements in the vast majority of cases. Our team of litigation attorneys have tried numerous cases to verdict in state and federal jurisdictions throughout the country. By collectively investigating, litigating and resolving hundreds of thousands of asbestos cases, we offer unparalleled understanding in this complex legal area.

To help our clients accomplish their goals, we provide a level of preparation and analysis that few civil litigation firms can match in asbestos cases. We understand the tactics plaintiffs use when pursuing damages, and we leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience to better position each client’s case. In addition to our in-house team of professionals, we have developed a close network of medical and environmental specialists we can call upon to strengthen the overall defense plan when needed. Our team of experienced, talented and dedicated paralegals provide key support for our clients’ defense strategies by utilizing our comprehensive database to help us better prepare for depositions and trials.

We understand how high the stakes are during asbestos litigation cases. Companies have been forced into bankruptcy protection, and aggressive plaintiff attorneys are targeting companies that previously would have been considered peripheral defendants. Our defense of many companies can no longer rely on whether a product is encapsulated, as many of the remaining co-defendants may have that same defense.

As these cases have evolved, our approach in defending these cases has also changed. We aggressively defend during the discovery stage to test the credibility of the plaintiffs’ witnesses, both in terms of their ability to recall events and how they used the product. Our goal is to develop our clients’ defenses during the discovery phase so that we will have strong motions for summary judgment, as well as a strong position in settlement discussions and at trial.